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Win an Invite to the Halos Heaven CBS Sports Fantasy League

Here is the deal: we got ONE spot left on the Halos Heaven CBS Fantasy League for a team. Is it for you to manage?

  1. You gotta want to be in the league and compete throughout the year.
  2. If you have a bad draft you can't whine and leave.
  3. You gotta be able to stand up to hardcore fantasy league brutes like Jeff Biggs, Sam Miller, Cupie and the dreaded Scottnak.
  4. You have to be able to stand the publicity of weekly posts of the league standings here in public on Halos Heaven.
  5. And you gotta answer five trivia questions about the Angels. The questions are after the break below.

The answers have to be emailed to me at karmaball1 @ gmail . com - first email with all five correct answers wins the managerial spot for the final team in our league - no 2nd guesses. The email address MUST be the one your user name is registered under. Comments are turned off on this thread, here comes the starter's pistol... Bang.

  1. Who sang the National Anthem prior to the Angels game in which Nick Adenhart recorded his lone major league win.
  2. John Lackey pitched for Grayson Community College. What Angels legend was born 30 miles southwest of GCC? (hint: I do not use the monicker "legend" lightly).
  3. Name the Angels player with the most Games Played without a Plate Appearance.
  4. Name the pitcher who surrendered the first major league hit to Octavio V. Rojas-Rivas
  5. Name the only Angels player to win more than two league MVPs at a pro level.