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Hank Conger Is Cool, Scott Kazmir Is Hot: Halolinks

A Theory on the Acceptance of Sabermetrics - Baseball Daily Digest
It’s true that the stats-vs.-scouts debate has lost its luster and Sabermetrics has become much more mainstream in baseball, essentially winning the fight if there ever was one. However, with casual fans, I think Sabermetrics is still making baby steps. Casual fans aren’t going to make the effort to learn a new perspective from which to view baseball; they are not going to memorize more acronyms and their respective formulas; and they are not going to take the time to apply them on an everyday basis.

This is from our friend Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley. To me, this subject seems to have been beaten to death, yet there still seems to be interest in it. I understand most of the new and advanced metric, but what I don't understand is the insistence of the sabermetric community that I HAVE to believe in them. Why can't I just be able to sit back and think Torii Hunter is the best defensive centerfielder in baseball without some stat-guy shitting on my fantasy? What's so wrong with believing in clutch hitting? Or that RBI's are cool if it allows me to enjoy the game? Sometimes I just want to sit in my chair and watch a game for the beauty of it, without having to be deluged with stats like the game is being played on The Matrix.

A lot of fans don't care about advanced metrics, not because they don't understand them, but because of the arrogance in which they're presented.

What If Everybody in Canada Flushed At Once? - Pat's Papers

By the way, this is why graphs were created.

Vladimir Guerrero says he has no hard feelings toward Angels -
"There are no hard feelings at all," Guerrero, speaking through an interpreter, said before the Angels' 13-9 Cactus League win over the Rangers in Surprise Stadium. "If they wanted to sign me, yeah, I would have wanted to come back. They never asked me."

Angels pitcher Scott Kazmir tries to turn negative into positive -
Kazmir said "it's not like I never did anything during the off-season, I worked out. But nothing like this, nothing where I was really on a strict regimen every single day." "Sometimes I'd do almost two [sets] a day, where you'd go in the morning, get your workouts done, and next thing you know a couple hours later you're out on the track doing mobility" workouts again, he said. All of them "strengthen your delivery. It makes pitching so much easier."

Is it just me, or am I the only one who thinks Scott Kazmir is going to finish in the top 10 in Cy Young voting this season?

Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman justifies hype in spring debut - Joe Posnanski -
But the amazing part was the ease ... there was no grunting, no straining, no laboring. You hear that line all the time about athletes who look as if they were born to do something. Chapman struck out David DeJesus on a hard-sweeping slider that seemed to break two feet. He struck out Chris Getz on a 100-mph fastball that sliced the outside corner -- anyway Stewart clocked the pitch at 100 mph. Another scout clocked it at 102. Another got it at 98. Getz's speed approximation: "It was moving."

Is Tony Reagins thinking, "Ah crap". I know I am.

Catching up with Hank Conger - ESPN Los Angeles
Q: There are now lots of Asian players in baseball, but there haven’t been too many Asian-American players over the years. Why do you think that is?
HC: Me and my dad always talk about that and I’ve thought about it a lot. When I was playing traveling ball and in high school, I noticed there were a lot of younger kids than me in the area who were playing at a high level. It seems more and more Asian-American guys are playing. I think there’s a wave of younger guys. Only time will tell how far they get.

Bugs & Cranks " Fan Not a Fan of Becoming a Fan
The player will neither look at this fan page, nor give a fuck that you’re part of it. Even if a player is self-absorbed enough to seek out his own page, join it, then subsequently look through the friends, he won’t care that you — a Bugs& reader — took the time to join it. Unless you’re a chick with slammin’ jugs.

Plus, it doesn't help you get interviews.