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Week 01 Results!

Well, hope you have been enjoying the new version of pregame picks! First of all, lets give a big thanks to Foxpaw for all his work on the backend! You can see how you are doing now, here! Top 5 scores are:

Los Angeles de Anaheim 34760
scottnak 31140
vladtheimpaler 24880
bc56274 22630
ZiK 12635


Well, better start betting big if you want to catch up! These scores will just keep growing. It's only been 5 days! In fact, go ahead and make your pick for the next game here.

BOOKMARK that page! All the picks will be on the same page. So just go to that page every day and the next question will be there for you. No more complaints about "where's the link?" because you should have it handy!

And please give as many comments as possible. Remember, it's still new, so improvements will be on their way / suggestions are appreciated. Just be constructive eh.

Results of the OPENING DAY LINEUP game is also after the jump!


There ya go. For reference, the Tiebreakers give you .1, .01, .001 respectively (thus making a difference only when it matters)