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Joel Pineiro Demolishes Yankees as Angels Win

This is the damage one groundball-prone pitcher can do to the Yankees...
This is the damage one groundball-prone pitcher can do to the Yankees...

Final Score in the Bronx: Angels 5, Yankees 3...

Joel Pineiro pitched 7 strong innings and Fernando Rodney got his first save with a Halo as the Angels suffocated the Yankees in front of their B-List 2nd game of the season daytime crowd. Two ex-Yankees - Juan Rivera and Hideki Matsui - helped their former team by going a combined 0 for 8 and stranding 8 runners, and even though former Pinstriper Bobby Abreu gave his exes some help when he was caught stealing 3B in the top of the 3rd inning, he had already driven in the 2nd run of the game and finished the afternoon with a 2 for 5 effort.

Five Angels had an RBI apiece in the game, Erick Aybar scored twice and Brandon Wood had a month's worth of foul ground web-gem-age. Rodney was making an appearance as closer due to Brian Fuentes going on the disabled list with a sore back. Kevin Jepsen pitched a valiant 8th inning of relief after Scot Shields had started the frame allowing three consecutive baserunners.


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