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Picked a Good One to Miss

FINAL SCORE: Angels 2, Yankees 6 ... You rearrange your schedule so that you see good games and the day before you have to go somewhere during a game you start to get antsy and wonder if there is a way to get out of it.

But you've never seen that band so you go, and after the 2nd inning you get in the car, and Hideki Matsui hit a homer and Scott Kazmir is back and you have hope and you pay $25 for parking and get a snack beforehand and every mother and daughter on earth is milling about looking their pseudo-hippes walking toward the Staples Center for the Taylor Swift concert but you, oh you're hip, you have wanted to see the Specials since the early 1980s and they have reunited and are playing Club Nokia. So you're waiting for them to go on and you check the i-phone and see the disappointing score. Picked a good one to miss.

Then the Specials come on. They are tuning up for Coachella and they blast out a great set. Play every song you know, tight, orchestrated, a little rougher than the polished albums but tremendous. The encore is Ghost Town ... and the empty lamentations of that new wave classic cause you to pause amidst the frenzy of seeing one of your all time favorites played live by the band that gave it to the world... and you think about where the team might be headed and all the concerts that you can go to this summer that will not cause anxiety the night before about missing any game at any time...