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Ervin Santana Magic Brings Angels Broom

Final Score in Toronto: Angels 3, Blue Jays 1 ... Pitcher Ervin Santana battled with Toronto lefty Ricky Romero for 8 innings, most of it shutout ball. Romero was coming off an almost no-hitter against the White Sox and dominated the Angels the first time through the batting order. Hot Howie Kendrick broke up the no-no in the 4th and in the 6th Hideki Matsui drove in Erick Aybar to end Romero's shutout bid. Reliever Scott Downs surrendered 2 runs in the top of the 9th, assisted greatly by a Lyle Overbay defensive miscue.

Santana was 1 strike away from a shutout when Adam Lind hit his 2nd HR of the series to make it 3-1 Angels. A visibly upset Santana sneered and got Vernon Wells to line out to CF Reggie Willits to end the game. It was Santana's 6th Complete Game and the Angels first sweep of the Blue Jays since 2004.

Santana needed just 106 pitches to do it all. He did benefit from a generous strike zone provided by home plate umpire Jim Wolf, but the wide corners were consistent for both pitchers and they both fed on the fat of the plate often. Were you on the Game Thread today? Check below...


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