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Week 02 Results!

Hello hello. Sorry this is late! For those not familiar with the 'tradition', a weekly report on the pregames SHOULD come up on Saturdays... however, occasionally I'll goof and forget to do it until the next day. This is one of those times. Though I guess this time you can't call it a goof, as i was trying to get all these yummy new informations for you to look at, because lets face it. Just seeing your current total at the end of the week WAS pretty boring. So here's what you get to see now:

1. Your old score (the value as of last week's report)
2. Your CURRENT score (the value as of after saturday's game)
3. The WINNINGS (positive or negative) of the week
4. The actual Winnings PER game*
5. Number of correct guesses of the week
<-- We will continue to track this stat as well, to gauge how accurate you are as well! So keep guessing, you may be able to top this list!

Additionally, you should be able to see on the next page of the excel sheet:
1. Who won the most points?
2. Who lost the most points?
3. Total standings based on points!
4. Total standings based on correct guesses! (Note: This week only doesn't have last week's included yet since that's not set up to be collected. Should be up later tonight!)




Los Angeles de Anaheim 314760
bc56274 81720
vladtheimpaler 59880
Riveraistheman! 45227
vongveng 33030

Don't forget! At midnight every gameday, a NEW question is READY to go.


Here's the link. BOOKMARK it and keep it accessible at ANY time for you!

As always, suggestions are WELCOME! Please post anything that is on your mind regarding the pregame picks.
And if you see any errors, do not be afraid to ask. (Also, since this is the 'first week' of all this new info, there is always the chance of computing errors that I was not able to check.)


* Note: Winnings are represented differently than shown on the pregame post-results
Post game winnings: (The excel sheet you see after a game)
Correct shows: BET + BET * ODDS
Wrong shows: 0

Weekly Winnings: (This excel sheet)
Correct shows: BET * ODDS
Wrong shows: -BET

Apologies for the inconsistency. I may fix this in the near future.