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Joel Pineiro Slays Tigers in Angels Win

FINAL SCORE IN ANAHEIM: Angels 2, Tigers 0...

The fifth starter for the Angels pitched like an ace while their former #1 was licking his wounds on the other side of the country. Joel Pineiro pitched 7+ innings of shutout ball, Kevin Jepsen held two baserunners from scoring by getting two outs in the 8th and Fernando Rodney got his 4th save in a 1-2-3 9th inning.

Meanwhile former Angel John Lackey got battered for 8 earned runs and tattered in 3+ innings in Fenway Park in front of a sold out Patriots Day crowd driven to misery by a sweep of their beloved Red Sox at the bats of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The late offseason signings of Pineiro and Rodney carried the team tonight. Amid a chorus begging for a rebuilding through the farm system, the front office built a solid foundation for 2010 and it was in evidence tonight. It is as if Tony Reagins knows what he is doing...

There once a horse named John
who relieved himself on the lawn
But in rode Pineiro
"¡Angels Yo Quiero!"
Lackey's legacy's dead and gone

Our SBN partner site FANGRAPHS had Pineiro, Jepsen and Rodney as the highest contributors to the Angels victory as calculated by WPA, check out that link to see which of them contributed the most.


We had a wild GAME THREAD tonight... were you there? See who was at the link below the poll...

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