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Angel Stadium Food "Upgrades" Announced

Every blog and media outlet got this email today from the Angels and J. Neubauer's ARAmark food-selling company. 

While the variety has demonstrably improved, there is no word form the Angels as to whether the slow as molasses community rehab "look it is my first job and a politician's cousin is getting millions to administer a simple, ineffective program that sounds good on paper and does little else" concession employees will be ensuring you miss more of the game or that the actual "quality" of the food has improved (lot of bread and slathered-in-mayo-based sauces and vinegar-based glazes indicate you are getting hormone-enriched flavorless animal tissue and not much else).

And do they mention the price or portion size? HA! But still... looks like they are catering o the OC's love of its own assumed "classiness" and will have wine for your cougar and beer for your boss and candy for Bill McDonald's prey. Read on...

Angel Stadium Unveils Menu Upgrades for 2010 Season Introduces 11 New Dining Concepts and Adds 50 New Menu Items

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and ARAMARK, the exclusive food and beverage partner at Angel Stadium, announce significant enhancements to the ballpark’s menu that will transform the fans dining experience at Angels games. Among the upgrades is the addition of 11 brand new dining destinations.

· CHIX (section 103) - Everything Chicken, Prepared Fresh (mixture of healthy and tasty chicken offerings)

· Sweet Spot (sections 103 & 412) - Ice Cream, Cookies, Candy & More (offering specialty candies and confections)

· Diablo’s (sections 127, 244 & 416) - Classic, Saucy Sandwiches & Sides

· Major League Deli (section 223) - Specialty Sandwiches from around the League (includes the California Club, Philly Chessesteak and more)

· Major League Dogs (section 259 & 424) - Famously "topped" Hot Dogs from around the League (unique concept where extreme dogs are built in front of fans, with customization available)

· Toro Sushi (section 124) - Sensational Sushi, Sake & Japanese Beers (prepared fresh in front of guests)

· The Grand Stand (located throughout the stadium) - Reinvented Classic Ball Park Fare

· Panini Café (section 112) - Gourmet Grilled Sandwiches, Fresh Salads, & Wine

· Clyde Wright’s BBQ (Gate 1) - Traditional Tennessee BBQ (Clyde Wright, former player, will be signing autographs)

· Home Plate Grill (Gate 3) - Specialty Sausage Grill

· Angelino’s Grill (Gate 2) - Fresh Mexican Grill

These enhancements are part of the Angels and ARAMARK’s continuous efforts to create the ultimate ballpark dining experience for fans that reflects the tastes and flavors of the surrounding area. Fan feedback and insights played an integral role in developing these fresh, new concepts.