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Batgirls Dominate Fantasy Week 2

The Halos Heaven Fantasy League was quite the battleground in week 2.

Well The Batgirls were the big story, riding the Ubaldo Jimenez no-hitter to a 9-1 win over the Chicago Neighborhoods - managed by Bill "Shredder" Seitz of the LA Seitz of Chicago blog. Who manages the Batgirls you ask? Well, Missus Halofan!!!

Dumb the Frugout - managed by the Orange County Register's Sam Miller suddenly came alive and whipped with Sabotage - managed by poster Casey KOD by a 8-0 margin with 2 ties.

Darby from Yorba Linda - managed by CUPIE beat Ryan Ghan's PECOTA-Busters handily 7-2 with 1 tie

Also taking the week with a 7-2-1 record was WiHaloFan's WARgasmic-9, beating The Imposters - managed by Jason Brennan, the AM-830 Radio Host and proprietor of Throwbacks Sports Bar.

The Sean "Chone" Smith managed  Downing's Briancats went 6-4 over the Quarter-Tones - managed by Jim Scully.

The Radio Angels, managed by AM-830 Radio Personality Jeff Biggs won a squeaker over Mike's Hard MaHalos, managed by HH poster eyespy 5-4 with 1 tie

Meanwhile my own Rev's Puzzled Panthers truly fought hard to go 5-4-1 over Scottnak's Attack.

Complete Standings after the jump

DFYL 16-2-2
Batgirls 14-4-2
DtheF 13-5-2
JSB 13-6-1
WAR9 13-6-1
Panthers 12-7-1
SN_ATK 8-11-1
Cats 8-12-0
lemons 7-12-1
Imposters 7-12-1
Busters 5-12-3
ChiHoods 6-14-0
SAB 5-13-2
QTS 4-15-1