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Brian Fuentes Disables Angels in Blown Save Loss to Tigers

FINAL SCORE IN ANAHEIM: Tigers 4, Angels 3 ... Three outs away from Jered Weaver's 3rd win of the season, the Angels saw closer Brian Fuentes return from the disabled list in time to choke up the save and then the game. The Lefty never touched 90 on the gun and a monstrous HR by Miguel Cabrera set in motion a two-run 9th for the Motor City Cats.

The Angels were shutout for 8 straight innings after scoring 3 runs in the 1st inning, 2 on a Kendry Morales HR. Weaver pitched fantastic and deserved better.

There once was a disabled man
Who swore he had healed all he can
He went back to work
but his neck made a jerk
As a Tiger sent his pitch to a fan

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