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Yankees, Andy Pettitte Enjoy Wide Bob Davidson Strike Zone

FINAL SCORE IN ANAHEIM: Angels 1, Yankees 7... It was long afternoon in Anaheim made all the more frustrating when a pitcher who lives off of hitting the corners of the plate was able to get calls outside of the ordinary range with a consistent strike zone called the same way for both teams. The problem is that the other starting pitcher feasts on the low end of the strike zone and therefore was punished for throwing more balls in the real strike zone that happened to be outside of the fake strike zone. Are MLB Umps on the take? Was Home Plate umpire Bob Davidson really unbiased? Was his choice of strike zones merely coincidence or a deliberate bias on behalf of the high-revenue Yankees during a national broadcast?

Whatever it was, the Yankee batters were able to hit Joel Pieneiro hard when they laid off of his low pitches and were gifted good counts. The Angels attempt at plate discipline was thwarted when they took pitches that were off the plate that Davidson called strikes, all the while in synch with the Fox National telecast that was a Yankee infomercial in the booth from the first to the last pitch.

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