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Week 03 Results

Sunday's Day Game Pregame Question: # of Ks Angels pitchers will record in the game, total.

How did this week fare for you? Well, here's the place to find out. In fact, this week over 4 MILLION points were won! Although, that's probably due to the fact the top 2 winners recieved 3.7Million of that... oh well. More to win when you got more to play with! Here are the Top 5:

Los Angeles de Anaheim 2,964,760
44FAN 1,100,500
bc56274 221,720
vladtheimpaler 180,880
vongveng 116,030


8 people were also able correctly predict 5/7 questions this week. For more specific results go here


  • If you didn't play this week, you're not in the full results! (May fix this next week, maybe not)
  • A full "accuracy" ranking still hasn't been completed yet. May be added later.