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Housecleaning Ahead of Opening Day

Here is the vision for our Halos Heaven community for the 2010 season.

1) When you are logged in, comments to posts have three red links "up, reply, actions" ... When you click ACTIONS you can recommend a post and you can also flag it if it is a spammer or a troll or is really out of line. I will be beating the drum this season for the community to recommend posts and also to flag spammers and trolls. Try it, you will like it!

2) We're going to be getting the site members together for at least one game this season. Looking like May and someone else is handling it so the date is what they get. You are not to touch Missus Halofan at any point during the game.

3) We have new SITE GUIDELINES to follow. These are in existence to make the community a better experience for everyone.

4) If you purchase a Panther TeeShirt and wear it to Throwbacks Sports Bar and Grill near the Stadium, you can eat and drink at a discount. More details at THIS LINK.

5) We are fast and furiously working on a new Pregame Pick interface. This is going to be the Las Vegas of spreadsheets. It is a huge new program that will require a separate login on a different site (simply to accomodate the large amount of data we are collecting, calculating and exporting). Instead of getting a point per game or so, you will be able to wager points with a stated odds payout for each pregame question and the new site will keep a running tabulation of your "Panther Points". This is still in beta and all for fun, so if I screw it up and erase everything and we have to start over again, oh well... but this is going to be some kick ass pregame betting - no need to repost your picks on the pregame thread or anything. But as with everything "beta" ... if it needs more tweaking just hang in there!

...and now for a vision from back in 1989...

In case you were wondering whether I hated the Yankees "back in the day"...

The date on this picture is accurate. Can any of you badass 24 year olds top me at 24?