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Joe Saunders Takes Angels With Him in Snug Loss to Twins

Final Score in L.A. of Anaheim: Minnesota Twins: 5, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 3

Let's hope that the terrible first inning unenjoyed by Joe Saunders was just a case of late-Spring deadarm. Saunders gave up three HRs to Twinkie batters who were sitting on his 87 MPH "fastball" and sending additional souvenirs into the fleece-blanket adorned crowd in the Angel Stadium seats.

On a night that the Angels onlookers broke a record for wearing the most "snuggies" (fleece blankets with a rear entrance), Saunders' pitching looked like the Guinness book might have to get out the measuring tape for longest HRs surrendered as Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and some other midwestern scruffy faced Caucasian-with-attitude all homered off of the alleged groundball inducing Virginia Tech graduate (see what I did there, I implied his egghead status had something to do with his gutless pitching, you know, the rampant anti-intellectualism of sports and all...), and Saunders seemed miffed that he was not the anointed complete game Koufax of the 21st century. Joe's body language was basically speaking like a preschooler.

THE GOOD: Torii Hunter hits an opposite field two-run HR to the RF seats to breathe some life into the project.

THE BAD: Juan Rivera is goosegging it early...

THE UGLY: Did I bag on Saunders enough?

ANYTHING ELSE? Erick Aybar plate discipline is more important to this team than the Rolling Stones were to the 1960s.

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