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Torii Hunter Interview: Angels are Fine

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The inimitable Angels Centerfielder Torii Hunter had an extended talk with AM-830's Jason Brennan (add Jason's THE DRIVE as a FaceBook friend) this afternoon.

Listen at these links: Torii Part 1 (9 minutes) and Torii Part 2 (7 minutes) where Torii covers lots of ground:

  • Now that is done hosting baseball games, he discusses in detail the nuances of the Metrodome's home field advantages, playing the ball defensively and what the stadium did in the 7th inning every game to give certain hitters a big advantage.
  • A mention of the somber mood in the Anaheim clubhouse where mourning for Rory Markas coming on the heels of the anniversary of the death of teammate Nick Adenhart.
  • Torii talks about the pressure in replacing Kirby Puckett and how he empathizes with Brandon Wood's slow start.
  • He takes credit for making the All Star Game "count" as his over the wall 2002 All Star Game catch of a Barry Bonds would-be HR kept the game close, leading to the "tie game" debacle. But that was not Torii's favorite catch of all time. Listen and hear him tell which one was.
  • He raves about Hideki Matsui and dishes a little locker room dirt about just how closely the Japanese Media follows around the slugger in the clubhouse.
  • Along with former Twin and Angel Rod Carew, Torii is the active spokesperson for the All Star FanFest
  • There is also a discussion about Torii Hunter dot com where Torii is raffling off a game-used bat to raise money for charity through his foundation and he is adamant here: "No money is going into my pocket from this."

There is a LOT here and we have to thank Jason Brennan and Jeané Blunt at AM-830 for delivering this audio for the Halos Heaven community to enjoy.