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5/10 Pregame Observations

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Rays vs Angels coverage ... Rays vs Angels preview ... Their SBN site: DRaysBay ...

Here is a sneak preview of a new FOX SPORTS WEST production in which SoCal sports bloggers get a voice (yeah, I might be in there if you watch carefully).

ALSO: Will an Angels pitcher record back-to-back strikeouts at any point in the game tonight? Be one of the 200+ Angels fans who play Pregame Guesses make your pick before the first pitch.

Gotta wonder two things about the teams coming into tonight:

Post-perfecto roadtrip blues... Can the Rays really take it "one game at a time" when they were on the losing end of history? and...

Home cookin' heals... Will the Angels be able to get back into the swing of winning with a taste of what only the wives can cook up for their men? we shall see...