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Angels Walkoff Rings Familiar Bell

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 5, Rays 4 ... After closer Brian Fuentes blew a three-run cushion, the Angels won in the bottom of the 11th on a sacrifice fly by Juan Rivera. Prior to the 9th inning the story of the game was Joel Piñeiro striking out 7 Rays in 7+ innings. Fernando Rodney ruined the possible shutout in the 8th by allowing a run in an inning of baserunners. Fuentes was a massacre.

In the middle innings, Torii Hunter hit a solo HR and Mike Napoli had a two run bomb. It seemed like Angels baseball had been revived with the home cookin'.

TURNING POINT: In the top of the 11th, Tampa infielder Jason Bartlett drove a shot to centerfield that Torii Hunter dove for. He made a catch at the grass with the webbing of his glove. It was a huge risk for Hunter to take but it seemed at that split second, after the demoralizing blown save on top of a terrible road trip in a season of dashed expectations... it seemed like Hunter had to risk more than giving up an almost certain double or run or the game. It seemed like Hunter just had to take the leap and gamble the entire season on a catch. And thus the Angels season was saved.

An out and a baserunner later, enter Trevor Bell, recalled this morning from AAA Salt Lake. He faces Evan Longoria, the Fuentes-killer, and strikes him out swinging. Suddenly, in the bottom of the eleventh inning after 32+ games into the 2010 season, Angels Baseball makes its appearance: a leadoff single by Kendry Morales brings a perfect sacrifice from Reggie Willits to bunt him over to 2B, adept baserunning on a Passed Ball puts K-Mo in position to score on the Rivera Walkoff Sac Fly.

The energy in Los Angeles of Anaheim from tonight forward seems to be about pushing out the deadweight and demanding risk and commitment from all Angels. We had 2,500+ comments in our Game Threads tonight, Game Thread Roll Call is posted after the poll...


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