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Pregame Hustle and Bustle

How many runners will be caught stealing in the game tonight? Really, you think so? Well Mister Smartypants, go make your PREGAME PICK now and prove to us how smart you and how ballsy a bettor you are in the process.

Here is something to think about: The Rays picked Josh Hamilton with a number one pick in the 1999 draft. A few years later, he started smoking crack and, well... after a few seasons of lingering in the minors/gutter/rehab they exposed Hamilton to the rule 5 draft and lost him for good. The Rays also passed on Jered Weaver with the 4th pick in the 2004 draft due to issues of signability as Scott Boras was his rep. Weaver dropped to #12 where the Angels got him - the only good thing to come out of the 2003 season besides that All-Star Game was that high draft pick. Instead, the Rays drafted Jeff Niemann... starting for them tonight.

No rap on Niemann but imagine the Rays minus him and plus Hamilton and Weaver. Yikes!