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Saturday Night Panther: Halos Heaven Meetup

This Saturday, we are having a Halos Heaven meetup before and during the game.

BEFORE THE GAME: We are meeting at Throwbacks at 3 PM. This will be a chance to meet some of your favorite commentariat, editors and posters from the site. You will all get to meet (but not touch) Missus Halofan in person as she and I will be out and about. WiHalofan and Scottnak are flying down to SoCal for this, so surely you can drive over and help us fly the Panther Flag. A free shuttle bus departs from Throwbacks in ample time to see the game, saving you the $8 stadium parking charge and yes, it returns to Throwbacks after the game as well. This mega-sportsbar is less than a mile from Angels Stadium.

DURING THE GAME: We sold over 50 group rate seats to section 347, so that is where a core contingent of Halos Heaven will be. After the 6th inning, the Club Level opens up for people with tickets from other sections - if you are on the Club level during the game, stop by and say hello. If you are on a different level, some of us will be headed to the Knothole Club after the 7th inning stretch. Protect your ears from bleeding to "Buttercup" by running up the stadium ramps to the Club Level and look for the Panther Patrol in the Knothole Club. The elusive yeswecan and cupie should be in the house by then.

WHAT ABOUT THE SITE WHILE YOU ARE ALL OUT? Rghan will be managing things from his Ivy League lair and we will be mobile posting in between moments of pure awesomeness. In fact, if you are not already, add Halos Heaven as a friend on FaceBook as that is where many of the documentations of debauchery will be posted.

See you all on Saturday!