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Joe Saunders and Hideki Matsui End Dallas Braden's Perfection

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 4, Athletics 0 ... After pitching a perfect game on Sunday Athletics lefty Dallas Braden arrived in Anaheim poised to be a stake through the heart of the Angels' season. But Joe Saunders had other plans, pitching a complete game shutout like a cold blooded killer.

Braden's bid for perfection did not last three batters as Bobby Abreu doubled in thebottom of the first inning with two outs, but the bottom of the 6th was where the action was. After Kendry Morales had driven in Erick Aybar for Braden's first run in almost 20 innings, Hideki Matsui hit a 3-Run homerun to Right Field to seal the fate for the former Mister Perfecto. The stellar pitching and the return of Godzilla's power stroke brought the Angels' season one step closer toward a turnaround.

Both lefties were dealing - the time of the game was just over 2 hours.