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Kendry Morales Shows Up, Unlike Athletics Starter

Celebrate good times, COME ON !  <em>(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)</em>
Celebrate good times, COME ON ! (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 12, Athletics 3 ... A's starter was a late scratch prior tothe first pitch and Tyson Ross took the mound and did a serviceable job through 3 innings, but the floodgates were open in a 3-run 4th inning on K-Mo's 8th bomb of the year... and so eteran mop Chad Gaudin was asked by Bob Geren to stave off a run on Oakland arms, thus meatballing hungry Angels hitters to a spaghetti noodle web of hits baserunnners and runs.

Kendry Morales was Chef Five RBI with two monster homers. Ervin Santana was behind early but finished strong while Trevor Bell and Bobby Cassevah held down an Oakland Lineup that swung with a tentativeness that screamed fear of a disabled list planet.

Heck of a game for our Halos Heaven meetup - be sure to check our FaceBook page (linked at the left sidebar) for some shots of your fellow posters here at so far the best game of the year game. You think the Monkey was motivated tonight with so many Panther tee shirts in the stands?