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Angels Fail to Keep Lead, Make up Ground on Texas

What a tough game to lose. Can't say much more than that without it getting ugly.

The 4th featured a pair of 2-run HRs by Torii Hunter and Juan Rivera to finish off a 5-run 4th. Two more runs were added in the 5th after some nicely timed hits, chased away the Texas SP CJ Wilson, and giving the Angels a nice 7-3 lead.

Unfortunately, Jered Wever couldn't get past the 5th either as he gave up another 2R-HR and left 2 batters on base (who were able to score after Bell's 'brilliant' pitching). And that caused the game to be knotted up at 7.

Can't break a tie if you don't score runs... or get a hit for that matter. The Angels flailed away for the rest of the game with only a single hit. The Rangers were able to chain two hits together to score the deciding run... winning the game 8-7.

Another tough loss. And technically a sweep since it's a dinky 2-game series. But what hurts more is all the ground we made by beating up on Oakland, has pretty much disappeared. It's still only a 4.5 game difference... It's just a little ugly, but it's still good. It's still good... ...