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Justin Verlander PWNGELS of Anaheim

Final Score in Detroit: Tigers 5, Angels 1 ... Justin Verlander dominated the Angels bats to the extreme Sunday afternoon while a cruising Jered Weaver hit the 5th inning of his shutout and forgot for a minute that he was in a pitching duel. A minute was all the Detroit bats needed as they banged out 3 runs in rapid fire. Jason Bulger gascanned another that inning and one more in the 6th to put the game out of reach.

Verlander pitched 8.1 innings of 3-hit ball over the Angels at Comerica Park to complete the 3-Game sweep-sweep-sweep of the Angels. It was Weaver's first loss of the season. Mike Napoli was mediocre at best behind the plate for Weaver and contributed to the afternoon's negative sublime by striking out 3 times.

Are the Tigers this good or are the Angels this bad? Johnny Damon cooled down quickly form his walkoff hit, leaving 7 men on base, but Austin Jackson's 3 for 5 afternoon and backup catcher Alex Avila having 2 hits helped to wear out the Halo arms. A late rally in the 9th inning produced a run for the Anaheim 9 but buh-buh-buh-buh that's all folks. On to Boston hoping to turn around a road trip that has seen them sink below .500 to 12-14.

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