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Week 04 Results

Hello hello! Here is the slightly late, Week 04 Results! Sorry about all these late updates lately, it's been quite a hectic week for me (and looks like still will be). And so lets quickly go through some results.

Current top 5:

Los Angeles de Anaheim 5,015,760
44FAN 1,171,000
LUVtheLAA 189,867
bc56274 172,720
vladtheimpaler 161,880

And this week Downing Rules was able to rack up 4 / 6 correct picks!

For full results, LINK HERE

Miscellaneous Notes follow the jump, and please feel free to leave your comments / suggestions here.

I am aware of the recent grumblings of not being able to know your current point total, unfortunately I can't do anything about it. If anything you can bug foxpaw to try and get that feature in. However, I offer you the opportunity to contact me and I'll look it up for you. Either gmail or AIM me at my screenname and I'll try to get back to you asap. But remember, that at the least you're encouraged to at least track your own values.
Win: Before + bet * odds = After
Lose: Before - bet = After

I'm not sure if things may have gone weird because of the +1000 given at the start of the month, but I haven't had time to check throughly, at a quick glance it looked OK, but if you notice something, please note it. I'll also be looking into it once I get some free time.

And of course, eventually I'll get the "Accuracy Master" total going.