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Nailbiter in Chicago is Angels Win for Ervin Santana

Final Score in Chicago: Angels 6, White Sox 5 ... Ervin Santana pitched a great game and watched helpless as his bullpen almost blew it. After a rough 8th inning that saw the Pale Hose bat around and score 4 runs off of Kevin Jepsen and Fernando Rodney, gascan Brian Fuentes pitched a 1-2-3 9th inning.

Santana struck out 6 and allowed 1 unearned run in 7 innings pitched. The difference in the game turned out to be a monster 2-Run Juan Rivera HR in the 6th inning. Torii Hunter failed to hit a HR in his 4th straight game but he did get a deep double, a walk and score twice in the game.

For Angels fans ready to anoint Jepsen and Rodney as the closer over Fuentes... well... lets just say the argument was weakened severely as the two of them allowed all the runs in that 4-run 8th after two outs had been recorded and the bases were empty. In fact, Angels nemesis A.J. Pierzynski hit a Ground Rule Double that saved the Angels game as it would have scored Juan Pierre from 1B had it not left the field of play on a bounce.

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