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Week 06, 07 Results!

Hello Everyone! It's been a while, but here we go. A weekly results thread! After some tweaks and tinkering, we've got some new stats to play with! But first, lets get to the standard weekly details:

Week 06 featured halo84653 grabbing the most amount of points as well as getting the most correct (5), along with teophet, The Furious Bat of Howie47, and ttsec.

Week 07 featured Los Angeles de Anaheim grabbing the most amount of points, while Chone's Chonies, Reggie Bullits, and Stuck in Romania got a week high of 4 correct.

In the Week 07 document, you can look at the "OVERALL" page to see the following information:
Current Points, Highest Score Ranking, Most Wins Ranking, Most Losses Ranking, Most Played Ranking, Most Accurate Ranking.

Voila. There you go. BTW the top 5 is after the jump...

Los Angeles de Anaheim 6715760
44FAN 3035000
bc56274 2787720
halo84653 1730080
vladtheimpaler 1461877


Any other stats you'd like to see? Any other random suggestions? Put 'em here.

To qualify in the Most Accurate Ranking, you need to have played at least 75% of the games. The amount of games is found on the right of that section (rounded up to the nearest whole number)

PAA stands for Picks Accuracy Average! I can make up random acronyms too!