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Fernando Rodney Costs Weaver and Angels Win

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Final Score in St. Louis in 10 innings: Angels 5, Cardinals 6 ... Fernando Rodney had a meltdown that turned into a flood. His walks were the crucial miscue in a game the Angels pretty much had in hand. Jered Weaver had one of those quality starts that used to assure Angels fans of a W but the lost season is upon us.

Good news is Mike Napoli hit a HR, bad news is we go home to face a hot Toronto Blue Jays club, good news is Texas lost, bad news is 4 and a half back sounds like a ledge from which we are about to fall off.

I went out to walk the dogs after the Rodney debacle, come back to find out Scot Shields loaded the bases. Trevor Bell had no magic in him whatsoever and gave up a single to end the game.

News for the National League: The Cardinals are an entirely beatable club. The Angels are a terrible club and for a top tier team to play this many close games with us - HA, the NL Central can be had.

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