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Pregame Guess Game

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Starting off with 100 points on opening day, some of our readers have been making daily wagers and accrued MILLIONS of "Panther Points" *. Check out the Daily Question for tonight's game:

"Number of offensive hits Angels batters record in innings 1 - 6" (pays 4 to 1 odds)

I promise no matter how bad a pick you make, i will not behave like out-of-touch old Earl "Brain Clot" Bloom at the Orange County Register Angels Blog and mock your contributions to the community (by the way, according to Quantcast, Bloom and company's Angels coverage has less than 1/5 of the traffic that Halos Heaven gets, and when those dipshit anti-democracy dinosaurs cite their "print" numbers, understand that print subscribers want store coupons delivered to their doorstep by a 100-1 ratio over wanting to pay for information, so sure, tack on extra thousand readers... oooh wow, we still beat them here by more than 4 to 1).

At least with the OCR's budgets and salaries you'd think they'd know how to run an internet forum and offer their readers a fun non-monetary gambling game based on their favorite team - but Old Brainclot Bloom just wants to talk down to people from the mountain (pardon the freshman psychoanalysis of obese people but it is irresistibly obvious what this Twinkie-Chomper is made of) and swagger how much smarter he is to all of us peasant posters.

*Panther Points are redeemable for bragging rights only. Weekly standings are in our right sidebar.