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Scioscia: Hideki Matsui to Bat 7th Against Lefties

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In the audio link below you can hear Mike Scioscia's big announcement first hand: Angels Outfielder/DH Hideki Matsui is being batted 7th against left handed pitching until he gets his timing and mechanics into a better rhythm. That is right: The Angels are paying $6 million a year for a DH/subpar LF to bat 7th or 6th instead of paying franchise icon Vladimir Guerrero the $6.5 Million the Rangers are paying him to DH at cleanup every day.

Mike Scioscia on Matsui Audio LINK

The Audio starts with the big story: Matsui is not going be counted on against lefthanded pitching until he can get get better timing. Scioscia then discusses the importance of this team finding consistency, which leads to pointing out that Brandon Wood needs to also "work on some things". At the 2 minute mark Scioscia says Maicer Izturis may be back with the club tomorrow night or Wednesday. By the 3:15 mark he is not going to commit to keeping Wood, Frandsen and Izturis on the 25-Man roster and is emphatic that the lineup needs two of Howie Kendrick, Izturis and Wood each night to be effective.

The Angels manager discusses the plight of the slumping Matsui again at the 4:15 mark, saying he is certain that the issue is not one if Matsui's confidence, that it is his timing as a hitter. Matsui started Monday night in Anaheim against Brett Cecil, a 23-year-old Left Handed pitcher. Matsui batted 7th in the Angels lineup.

あなたはマイク ソーシアの大きな発表最初に手を聞くことができます:天使外野手は、/ DHの松井秀喜選手は、反対ベンチされている彼は良いリズムに彼のタイミングと力学を取得するまで渡した投手左上記のオーディオリンクします。

天使マネージャは、再び4時15分 マークで、彼は確信して問題が1つではないと言って低迷松井の窮状を説明する場合松井の信頼、それが打者としての彼のタイミングです。

松井選手は月曜日の夜アナハイムの 右投手戦に先発。彼は天使ラインナップ第7打点。

Special thanks to Jason Brennan, Daniel Hauger and AM-830 KLAA for sending us this audio.