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Two-Bit Angels Shutout by Blue Jays

They are kinda bummed that they don't get to watch the Lakers tomorrow <em>(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)</em>
They are kinda bummed that they don't get to watch the Lakers tomorrow (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Blue Jays 6 ... Angels 0 ... The birds from Canada caused the Angels to lay a goose egg in front of the hometown faithful Monday night. The three hits the Angels managed (1 through the first 7) were the buzzkill of at least giving fans a no-hitter to brag about seeing instead of getting the golden ticket to tomorrow night's "Angels Garden Gnome" giveaway.

Like the billboard on their centerfield wall, the Angels' offense is not actual size. A nice effort by starter Joe Saunders was mutilated in the 7th inning by relief pitcher Jason Bulger. Walks, walks and more walks. Ugghh. But give it up to Brett Cecil, the Blue Jays pitcher who showed what he could do when you combine a lineup of over the hill major leaguers with AAA-tops talent.

Big changes are in store for the team, though... Look for Brandon Wood to be DL'd and Maicer Izturis to come aboard the sinking ship tomorrow or Wednesday. This should make Izzy a prime candidate for the leadoff spot as sleepwalking Erick Aybar has injected his bat with Nyquil. Don't be surprised if some bullpen shuffling kicks a few jocks in their plastic cups before the end of this home stand. And you gotta wonder if Howie Kendrick will be able to look at himself in the mirror soon as his terrible night at the plate officially made him worse on the field than he is in front of the camera in those dreaded Howard's Commercials.

The Angels were shut out for the first time this season. Their pitching allowed 8 walks. They made 2 errors. It is called garbage. Take out the trash, please.

Loser Limerick
We were the final team to get shutout
This season is tearing my gut out
Combine a Triple A team
with the AARP
Why did Reagins tell Arte to butt out?