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Mathis Rehabbing, Weaver Pop Artist: Halolinks

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WiHalo is indisposed... here are your morning Angels links...

Our HH VIP Fantasy Baseball League Standings
Missus Halofan's THE BATGIRLS are dominating the boys. She is in First Place overall and this is her first ever fantasy team venture. Cupie and Sam Miller of the OCR are close behind. I'm in 4th pace at 2.5 games back and Scottnak is in 5th place, 6 back. 14 teams in the league and only one is run by a chick. A chick who is kicking some serious behind.

How to improperly run a team with a huge payroll
Marcus at the In Play No Outs blog takes the Angels budget to the woodshed. A cathartic read.

The Most Under Appreciated Batted Ball Type
Best Stat-core article in a long time - Rich Lederer at Baseball Analysts has cracked the secret to Jered Weaver's success. WTY leads baseball with 15.5% of his batted balls in play as popups/infield flies. An eye-opener!

Jeff Mathis rehabbing
Rotoworld has the dish on Jeff Mathis and his wrist. No timetable yet for his return.

Angels bullpen ERA is the worst in the league.

Kate Jackson 'bankrupt'
You like to read about former Angels, right, well here is one of Charlie's Angels. The 61-year-old actress has launched legal action against her financial adviser and says he cheated her out of millions.

LA Angels Insider: Scott Kazmir Audio
Jason Brennan talks to Kaz about the recent upswing in his mound results.

On this date in Baseball History:

1922: Babe Ruth is suspended one day and fined $200 for throwing dirt on an ump after being called out on a play at second base, then going into the stands after a heckler. He is also stripped of his title as team captain.

1989: After shopping him for several months, the Mariners finally trade star pitcher Mark Langston to Montreal for pitchers Randy Johnson, Brian Holman, and Gene Harris.

Born Today: May 25, 1975: The Sausage-Basher, Randall Simon