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Ervin Santana Ks 10 Jays as Angels Win

m a g i c  <em>(Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)</em>
m a g i c (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 8, Blue Jays 3

On the day they disabled Brandon Wood and brought back a healthy Maicer Izturis, the Angels got a little single slap-hit happy in a laugher against the Blue Jays at the expense of starter Ricky Romero. On the pitching side for the Halos, Ervin Santana struck out 10 Jays and allowed only 4 hits, 3 of them solo homers.

The postgame interview broadcast on Fox Sports West was the dullest insult to Ervin's greatness that has ever been foisted on the Angels television audience. Jose Mota brought up unexciting subjects like Ervin's hip turn and his pitching coach's reaction. Michael Eaves (apparently demoted from the Lakers broadcast) was no better, demanding inanities from his centerfield booth to a headphoned Righthander on the field, broadcast as a buzzkill endgame live at the stadium and live on television. What a drag it is getting sold a bill of corporate sponsored goods. A whole lot of mumbling managed to dumb down a major victory into a yawning of a fawning ... without drama, pacing or poetry. Later in the broadcast Mota and Eaves gabfested on the Blue Jays jock to ensure their clubhouse access. In that discussion, Eaves, the non-baseball dolt, called Roy Halladay "Holiday" with the stupid arrogant confidence of a wrong way driver on a one-way street. Angels postgame telecasts are just a flat-out wreck.

The exciting four-run 2nd inning saw classic Scioscia-era small ball destroy the heretofore dominant Romero, pretty much the post Roy Halladay Blue Jays ace. A squeeze by Erick Aybar to bring home Reggie Willits (starting in Center Field as Torii Hunter was attending his son's high school graduation) was the "awesome" highlight (too bad it did not happen 19 months ago in Bahstin) of the inning, but Mike Napoli's 2-run bomb in the 6th inning was a reminder that these Angels are down but not out in the still young 2010 season.


The great commentary of the game was at our GAME THREAD.

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