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Rex Hudler Off Angels Air Once Again, Media Silent

Broadcaster Rex Hudler's return to the Angels airwaves appears to have been a short one. After one show that was not covered in any local mainstream media (especially proportionate to their November trumpeting of Hudler's broadcast demise), Hudler has unceremoniously disappeared, Big-Brother style in a dispute that remains a mystery, telltale of egos on all three sides (Angels, Hudler, ESPN) getting in the way of what is right for the fans.

Not only will Rex Hudler no longer be on the air before Angels games, the local media (you dinosaurs know who you are) are ignoring the story of tense negotiations and battered egos between the franchise's broadcasting icon, an uptight ESPN programming approach, and the Angels' own thin-skinned corporate-attitude front office control freaks. But there is no press pass to be dangled in front of Halos Heaven that would ever buy our silence to say it like it is for all Angels fans to hear what they already know in their hearts: No ex-jock can replace Rex Hudler as the enthusiastic bridge between all of us and our team.

Yes, the dead air you hear is the deafening silence of a legion of loyal fans not tuning in to our team buying into the corporate culture of the "Worldwide Cheapskate". If the corporate types think the times they are a changing, the fans too can assist in the tide turning.