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Cliff Lee Pushes Angels Bats Off His Name

Final Score in Anaheim: Mariners 8, Angels 3... After Friday night's debacle, long-range Angels hopes may be for the Mariners to move up in the AL West to the point where they cannot trade pitcher Cliff Lee for prospects and get all of the potential on display Friday actualized and done with in one season, Lee splits for big money free agent dollars elsewhere and Seattle is bereft of prospects in the near term.

Is there any other scenario that tops that one? The one where we are sprinkled with magic fairy dust and have a miracle World Series title while the 93-Win Mariners go home before October... that one's been done.

Staked to an unexpected 2-Run lead in the bottom of the 1st inning, Scott Kazmir coughed up 3 runs in the 3rd to give the Mariners the lead... should I bother any further here? A 2 run lead against Cliff Lee is the most valuable thing that a pitcher can have against the Seattle Mariners. After allegedly finding it in St. Louis, Kaz regressed to sub-Matt Palmer levels.

Loser Limerick
There once a pitcher named Kaz
Last week he made Pujols a spazz
But against damn Seattle
He just didn't battle
Don't mistake Gutierrez for Yaz

Oh and one more thing ... With zero pressure... Scot Shields was terrible. Just think if we did not have the luxury of stinking and might actually need him.