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Angels Questions

I believe that Mike Scioscia is auditioning the cast in their current roles and will adjust accordingly. That is about all I know. Maybe you can answer these questions for us all...

  • Wouldn't Bobby Abreu be a better leadoff option than Erick Aybar?
  • Hideki Matsui personifies constipation on the basepaths. Wouldn't it better serve us to bat him 5th?
  • Did you know that Juan Rivera has the most Plate Apperances of any active Angel? Not a jump up and down thrill for a fan.
  • Would we be better served by dropping Scot Shields into the Matt Palmer mop-up role and putting Palmer in AAA for emergency starts here?
  • Should Mike Napoli's catching take any blame for the poor starting pitching?
  • Will Torii Hunter ever make an over-the-wall takeaway catch again?
  • What will Kendry Morales do sooner: hit 5 HRs or take 5 pitches?
  • Did Reggie Willits kinda get good again?
  • Are the Tigers really that good or are we really that bad?
  • Is a platoon of Maicer Izturis and Howie Kendrick more logical an option than one of Izzy and Brandon Wood?
  • I can see Joel Pineiro being in a slump, but what went wrong with Joe Saunders?
  • Do Scott Kazmir and Jered Weaver need to man up and throw a strike to protect their precious pitch counts or are their nibbling ways that rarely see the 7th inning inextricably linked to their greatness?
  • Is Fernando Rodney just awesome or totally awesome?
  • Does Ervin Santana have that killer instinct or just that maiming instinct?
  • Will you allow your Angels Garden Gnome unsupervised toybox time alone with your daughter's Barbie doll? You have until the May 25 stadium giveaway to decide, if she is not going steady with your Aybar bobblehead by then.