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Angels Pitching Pleases Red Sox in 17-8 Annihilation

Final Score in Fenway Park: Red Sox 17, Angels 8

Angels pitching sent out a mayday, defeated so far this May. Starting lefty Joe Saunders was a long way from the All-Star game pitching terrible early, Matt Palmer was awful late, Brian Stokes was terrible and Jason Bulger cleaned up with an inning plus of no-run ball.

If there is a silver lining it is the knowledge that Saunders is the team's worst starting pitcher, that Palmer is not much of an option to mop up anything the team can hope to salvage and that with three more games against the Red Sox we likely just saw their best pitcher, Clay Buchholz.

Any other positives? Uh, like getting out of a postgame thread without mentioning two outs on the basepaths? Oh, you mean like mentioning Kendry Morales had 3 hits in the game? Oh wow, we had a highlight. Go home.