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Post-Kendry Angels Are Not in Trade Market

When a star player goes out for any length of time, the trade suggestions pop up. Understand that the Angels have Kendry Morales under club control for 2011, 2012 and 2013. It should be expected that he will recover and even if he does not play the rest of this season, that there is no need to get any player like Adrian Gonzalez, et cetera, for a long-term basis.


The Angels have a multitude of options to cover the 1B position. None of them are preferable to Kendry, but some will do in a pinch... and this is the pinch. The Angels will likely use what they have until Brandon Wood's return. Wood returns from the Disabled List on June 9. He is the most likely solution. Until then there will probably an undramatic callup like Robb Quinlan from AAA who may not even see playing time. Kevin Frandsen and Michael Ryan make the most sense to replace Kendry on the field and in the lineup (though not in Morales' 4th/5th spot in the batting order) in the conservative realm of Angels management until then.

While the excitement of fans over the possibility of Mike Napoli returning to 1B for the first time since A-Ball or of a rental trade with the White Sox for Paul Konerko, the Angels want to know they gave Brandon Wood his shot to be a major league regular before they either jettison or Quinlan-ify him, and Kendry's absence opens the path for him quite clearly to play everyday regardless of production.

Mark Trumbo will have to wait and anyone expecting Hank Conger to get at the plate with a Napoli move to 1B should understand that 22-yr old Conger is not even on the 40-Man roster yet. Don't forget Howie Kendrick's extended stint at 1B in the second half of 2006... there are possibilities everywhere one turns - not the greatest replacement for Morales, but at least league average and not involving the costly possibilities of a trade for a position that will be Kendry's the day he is healed, rested and ready.

No matter how urgent the situation may appear, it would go against the way the Angels have done business for a decade to play their tune of musical chairs at anything but a moderate pace.