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Howie Kendrick Survives Walkoff Homerun

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 9, Mariners 7 ...

To those in Seattle laughing about our misfortune... Instant Karma is gonna get GOT you!

Vindication hardly describes Howie Kendrick hitting a walkoff, come from behind homerun to beat the Mariners. It was his 2nd HR of the game.

On a day where it was announced that Kendry Morales has swelling so severe that it will be a week before surgery on his fibula, his teammates performed valiantly and heroically, if not clutchily...

Hideki Matsui started in LF and played with competency. His early HR gave the team a lift. Joe Saunders pitched like a girl despite Mark Gubicza's incomprehensible telestrator coaching to come over the top as if chasing rainbows is the hallmark of a great athlete.

Mike Napoli's first major league career start at 1B was competent as well, although he stunk like rotten cheese at the plate.

Reliever Trevor Bell stayed competitive by making sure all of Saunder's baserunners that had been inherited scored, thus giving Trev some company in the ERA department.

The Angels had three runs score in the game on 2 bases loaded walks and abases loaded catcher's interference. Other than that, all Angels RBI came on the HRs by Matsui and the solo shot by Howie the AB before his Walkoff. The celebrations at homeplate saw everyone but the FSN-West cameraman stay on the grass.

The Angels went 4-2 on this short homestand and now head off for a 14-game roadtrip (the final 3 up the street at Chavez Ravine). The 2-1 Mariners series brought out the best in our Angels blog community here at Halos Heaven. Check out our roll call if you need a confirmation of just who is the #1 Angels blog and Angels fan community in cyberspace...


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