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Bull Pen Blows In Boston, Red Sox Top Angels

Final from Bahstun: Red Sox 5, Angels 1

At first I was like, aw crap, here we go again. Through 3 innings, Santana had given up 7 hits, seemingly spending the first part of the game in a swarm of Sox base runners. And then I was all, "Hey, it's the seventh inning and still only seven hits and they've only scored one run." And then after back-to-back base hits by Howie Kendrick and Mike Napoli and then a one-out walk to Erick Aybar to load the bases, I thought, "Whoa, the Angels could actually take the lead and win this." Oh but wait, this isn't 2008 or 2009, it's the 2010 season where timely hits have been rarer than an adequate rendition of "Sweet Caroline" next to the river Charles. Sure enough, Bobby Abreu rolls weakly into an inning ending double play and the game gets handed over to the combustible Angels bullpen.

Did I say Combustible? How about walk, walk, base hit, with no outs from once dependable Kevin Jepsen? The only person playing worse than the entire Angels team is David Ortiz, and Jepsen was fortunate enough to face the frigid Big Papi. Since Ortiz is no longer the feared hitter he once was, Jepsen was able to induce a home-to-first double play. But we're talking combustible right? Four straight balls to Adrian Beltre to load the bases again. A routine fly ball off the bat of Jeremy Hermida to left field that Juan Rivera avoided like a subpoena and clears the bases. Out goes Jepsen, in comes "white flag" Scot over.

And then I was like, aw crap, there we go again.


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