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Umps Gift John Lackey Fat K-Zone Vs. Angels, Red Sox Win

Final Score in Boston: Red Sox 3, Angels 1 ... The Angels lost their 6th straight game with John Lackey as their opponent for the first time ever. He was given the single widest strike zone of the season as a welcome to the biased Boston umpiring ... and it was not just at home plate as the 3B (James Hoye) umpire called a Bobby Abreu double foul, even though replays showed it clearly on the line, meanwhile the 1B umpire (Laz Diaz) failed to call a simple 3rd out on a triple play, again ... replays showed it obvious but MLB flirts instead with a Tim Donaghy-like scandal. One day in the near future this scandal of umps on the take will make us all forget steroids when we learn that umpiring in favor of the Red Sox is the single reason the team has dominated its opponents since becoming a darling of the ESPN ratings drive in the late 1990s. The Boston Roid Umpx have heaps of shame headed their way for their dirty decade-plus of cheating.

Just as "coincidentally" when the Angels and low-strike tossing Joel Pineiro faced the "on the corner" pitching of the Yankees' Andy Pettitte, the umpiring gave a wide horizontal strike zone and a thin vertical one courtesy of homeplate umpire Wally Bell - wonder how many people were tipped on the line in Vegas for this one. We need robots.

Relive the nightmare at GAME THREAD 1 and GAME THREAD 2 and roll call is after the jump...


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