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Salt Lake Shuttle Sends Subs to Seattle

The Angels roster juggling began with yesterday's call-up of utility bat Michael Ryan. He replaced pitcher Fernando Rodriguez on the 40 man roster and Matt Palmer on the 25 man roster. Ryan grounded out in a late-game AB.

But the Angels were not done then, oh no... they placed Maicer Izturis on the disabled list today with a sore shoulder and called up Kevin Frandsen, who will start tonight at 3B in his 10th game with the Angel organization.

Frandsen was released by the Giants after Spring Training, picked up by the Red Sox and waived just over two weeks ago by Boston as a result of a roster crunch, not an issue of performance.

The 40 man roster currently displays the names of 42 Angels, counting the 60-Day DL stint of prospect Chris Pettit. Someone has got to go!

The Angels still have 2 Rodriguezes to spare, but depending on bullpen usage behind Joe Saunders tonight, help from the Salt Lake bullpen may be a priority before Sunday afternoon's start, and why not, the shuttle is running smoothly right now!