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Hideki Matsui RBI Gives Angels Win in Extras

Final Score in 10 innings at Safeco Field: Angels 4, Mariners 3 ... Hideki Matsui broke a 3-3 tie with his 1,500th major league RBI and the Brian Fuentes picked up his 4th save of the season as the Angels beat the Mariners for the second game in a row. Fernando Rodney was the winner, starter Joe Saunders allowed 3 ER in 5 and 2/3 IP and Kendry Morales hit his 7th HR of the season.

I was at a party tonight and missed most of the game so here is a recap selected from the 1,421 comments from the game thread and GT2 comments – you who wrote these quotes know who you are…


I miss Figgy Anyone else? I miss them both. But Rex is coming back - Figgy isn't. Saunders K. That little alcove thing is stupid. more stupd than the green monster? NICE TORIIIIIIIIII

O nice--did he make that look easy or what? This Fister guy is a master at weak contact.

FRANDSEN ON BASE!! I have been trying to fix my @#%$# glasses...who is Frandsen?? Guy braugt up when Izturis went to DL today. Sandoval is also hurt so we got Frandsen. Mariners may have 2 guys batting above .300, but we have a guy batting 1.000! KOWBELL GOES DEEP! Ball was crushed Oh that's a GREAT play by Aybar. 82-80 Lakers, end of 3rd. Are the Angels finally turning the corner or are the Mariners just that bad? Geez...........It's only 1-0. The Angels turn the corner when.... Aybar's OBP is over .350, Rivera starts hitting, Kazmir figures out his slider, Shields returns to form and Bulger stops giving up the long ball. For now, it's just that the M's are that bad.

Frandsen still batting 1.000. Time for Hula Dula the Mariner Rulah! come on Torii... no need to swing for the moon, just put the ball in play and get some runs in.. HULA DULA!!!!! RBI Single!!!! Nice job Torii

Nice play by Frandsen, even if it did pull Kendry off the bag. This is really the only trouble he has been in this game. 2 down. Juancho fail. Should have been a single. Rivera, WTF???? Mr. Suzuki has driven in two. Should have walked ichi-hole and pitched to figgins 106-103 Utah, 1:06. Well, would you look at that? A Safeco ad in Safeco Field! Who've thunk it?

Saunders Pitch Count: 84 after 5. Lakers Win 1111-110. 111 not 1111. Alright Joe Lets get through the sixth. Dear Joe home plate is down about 7 ft. O.K....NOW MIKEY...HE'S DONE. We'll soon find out that Saunders has arm problems. I hope so, otherwise he just sucks now MIKE.....get him outta there!!! NOOOOO NOT BULGER. Dear Gene Autry, Please intercede with the powers-that-be so that Bulger doesn't suck tonight.

Saunders sucks. Adjusted for quality of hitters faced, this game was worse than his Boston start. He can't get major league hitters out. He might do OK if they pitch him no more than an inning at a time, spotted against lefties.

Bulger is starting to look a little better out there. Here's an interesting stat: Saunders is actually throwing more strikes this year than last. But guys are swinging at him less. Where'd u find that? Fangraphs

What the heck Frandsen is 3 for 3. how many games did it take Wood to get 3 hits, 20? The whole pacific northwest is in love with Gutz... the way they talk about him, he's the next pujols. Is Bulger thinking these things out or just he just wing it? it's not the 8th yet so of course we can't bring rodney in. the chart showing Bulgers pitch location... looks like a drunken dartboard. Commercials for Pacific Northwest Casinos... Rival anything howards has produced in terms of cheesyness. anyone else really worried about Saunders? He's perfectly healthy, his stuff is as good as ever.....
He just can't locate at all. Last year when he was unhealthy he didn't have any offspeed pitches. There's no excuses, he just needs to spot his fastball and curveball. When he does, he's as good as anyone.

heat. nice job jep. how many walks is that? C'mon Jep! nice K. PsyKo gets out of it. Reggie in for Juancho REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE. Mike Ryan PH for Napoli. And a single. Reggie to 3B. 4 for 4 would be perfect. nope you jinxed it. Erstad would have MOWED DOWN the catcher. Of course, Ersty was bigger than Reggie, and was an ex-football player.

Just got home since when does the contact play involve stopping when you think the catcher might catch the ball???

They say Rodney doesn't pitch good in non-save situations. Let's hope that's not an omen. game over if they walk him. I'm calling it. Two outs is good. Quit playing the damned white stripes!!! Why pitch around a guy with the winning run on third? Craziness. Just got back from a Lakers party, did I miss anything? Walk the bases loaded, who does this remind me of? All of Orange County let out a collective sigh of relief The Many Faces of Rodney. Feel the horror, feel the magic.

First extra innings game this year? Is that right? Fuentesaurus and Shieldsy in the pen Baboo! ALrighty LEadoff double... if we cant score here we dont deserve to win. Bring Chupa home, Matsui ...way, way overdue for a game winning hit. GODZILLA RBI SINGLE!!!!!!!!! Well no insurance runs, but we have the lead. Does he have a new stash? BriFus's stache looks like a cheap disguise! K! 2 outs Evil Fuentes is a much better pitcher. Light That Baby Up!

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