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Week 05 / Re: Pregame Issues

Hi everyone, looks like there have been some issues with the pregame picks lately, and we apologize for this.

Unfortunately, this also has thrown some of my data that I present to you out of sync as well. I will try to work with foxpaw as much as possible this week to get everything back to normal ASAP.

As a result, I've just pulled the information from the pregame-site database to at least give you what it says your current total is:


Though Saturday's mis-entered correct answer has skewed things the wrong way, for now deal with the point total reflected above.

In addition, One of the issues I see brought up the most is:
> The post-game excel sheets shows a weird TOTAL amount!
A: There's a good chance that I uploaded the docs late, AFTER you have made a bet. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that. When I pull out the file, it pulls out your current total AT THAT MOMENT. And if you've already made your bet for the next day, it's already deducted your bet from you current Total. And yes, lately I have been uploading these files late, and I apologize, but work gets crazy (especially recently). Gotta deal with that first unfortunately.

And again, sorry for the very lacking update this week, but it's better than throwing inconsistant info.