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Dallas Braden Reminds us that Baseball is Awesome.

Consider that even those of us who drafted Dallas Braden for their fantasy teams could not have predicted this. This afternoon's perfect game answers the question: Why is baseball so awesome? And the answer is not a math formula.

After a decade of trying to kill the magic out of the sport with friggin' numbers, it just takes one very special game to flood the whole sport with mojo.

No stat, no analysis, no opinion, no predictive method... nothing compares to the human narrative that is woven throughout the game of baseball. Example:

The timing was incredible. Braden, 26, made baseball history on Mother's Day, which has always been a difficult time for him. His mother, Jodie Atwood, died of cancer when he was in high school, and he was raised by his grandmother, Peggy Lindsey.

"With my grandma in the stands - to give her this, together, is perfect." said Braden. That was the right word for Sunday, and Lindsey was on hand for her grandson's extraordinary accomplishment. Afterward, Braden gave her a huge hug.

All research, quantification and numbers crunching over this game just crumbles into dust in the face of this sort of palpable magic.

One paragraph is a movie, one game is a totem for an interconnected consciousness impossible to articulate anywhere outside of the white lines and yet tangible so far beyond them.