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Angels at Season's 1/3 Mark: Report Card

54 games in the book is 1/3 through the season. At 26-28 the Angels are 2.5 games behind Texas and Oakland in the Al West. If you were the Angels' parents and they brought home this report card, would they get a whippin?

Bobby Abreu ... Grade: B- ... The glove is below average but you have had some key contributions with the bat. Funny about all the talk from last year about magically being able to help you teammates take walks, it has all disappeared though.

Erick Aybar ... Grade: C ... You are not a good a leadoff hitter and your fielding is a step off from last year. When you get one we win and when you don't we don't. That is half Scioscia's fault and half yours, but you are doing nothing about the half that is yours.

Trevor Bell ... Grade: C- ... If this is as good as you get you would get a D- but there was that strikeout looking of Evan Longoria that still makes you a bit of a teacher's pet.

Ryan Budde ... Grade: F ... The one game you started we lost because of you.

Jason Bulger ... Grade: D+ ... There are moments. They are few and far between, but there are moments where the room for improvement suddenly opens and you wobble a baby step forward. Hopefully you can lunge on ahead in the 2/3 of the season that awaits you.

Bobby Cassevah ...Grade: D- ... Thankfully you were never put in a game with anything on the line.

Terry Evans ... Grade: C- ... Whenever Wee Reggie muffs a catch we wonder how you would be bobbling that very ball.

Kevin Frandsen ... Grade: C- ... You provided some Wood relief until you actually started having to make the damn throws.

Brian Fuentes ... Grade: F ... We'd be talking scheduling a parent/teacher conference if this were an actual school.

Torii Hunter ... Grade: B- ... Those hot streaks with the bat have helped mask your fading defense.

Maicer Izturis ... Grade: C ... You only look great this year compared to your peers, alone you are behind what a student of your skillset should be producing.

Kevin Jepsen ... Grade: C- ... Some moments of beauty and genius are shrouded in the darkness of blowing a few good leads wide open. We'd be above .500 if you pitched to your potential. It is not entirely your fault that Scioscia trusted you with protecting late leads, but it IS mostly your fault because, hey, you blew them!

Scott Kazmir ... Grade: F ... You may take down Tony Reagins before you're through.

Howie Kendrick ... Grade: C- ... You get extra credit for a walk off homer and a walk off bunt, but your glove is starting to fade and you still chase the low and away garbage all too often to be taken seriously.

Jeff Mathis ... Grade: incomplete ... Your wrist fracture saved your shoulder from having to carry any of this season's blame.

Hideki Matsui ... Grade: D+ ... Old man take a look at your knees, they're a lot like paper maché...

Kendry Morales ... Grade: B+ ... Too bad you will not be joining us for summer session

Mike Napoli ... Grade: B+ ... Let's hope your recent improved performance is headed upward to a plateau and is not a spike.

Matt Palmer ... Grade: D ... Nice knowin' ya...

Joel Pineiro ... Grade: C- ... If the teams was graded on a curve, you'd have an A... pretty sick, eh?

Robb Quinlan ... Grade: incomplete ... This ain't kindergarten you are in the wrong room...

Juan Rivera ...Grade: C- ...Your fielding is a tick above mediocre this season which makes you the glove of all gloves this year.

Fernando Rodney ...Grade: B- ... They say you are getting lucky with the way you are passing your exams but until you actually gack up more games like Jepsen and Fuentes you're looking good.

Francisco Rodriguez ...Grade: incomplete... So far so good, but we need to see more.

Mike Ryan ...Grade: incomplete... but you get an A in not being Wood.

Ervin Santana ...Grade A-... A little hot streak this month could put you in the All Star Game!

Joe Saunders ...Grade: D-... The worst part of it is that you help the PECOTA scum stay smug.

Scot Shields ...Grade: F... Do you need an engraved x-ray of Mo Vaughn's knee to convince you to retire?

Brian Stokes ...Grade: D+... you only avoid an F because you saved Arte 10% on the Gary Matthews contract.

Jered Weaver ...Grade: A ... You are putting it all together at the exact moment everyone else lets their's fall apart. Bummer, dude.

Reggie Willits ...Grade: C+... You've done better than I would have wagered and the overachieving cannot continue so I have just sat back and decided to enjoy what you bring to the table, David Eckstein style.

Bobby Wilson ...Grade: C... Forever linked with confirming Mark Teixeira is a jerk is a career highlight.

Brandon Wood ...Grade: F... Some would have expelled you by now.