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No Magic: Angels Split A's Series

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Final Score in Oakland: A's 6, Angels 1

Ervin Santana lost his magic in a getaway day game. The Angels bats just had nothing today. No analysis necessary, the team looked tired and flat and will benefit from sleeping in their own beds tonight before taking on the Brooklyn Landgrabbers and their McCourt-funded phone psychic this weekend.

Bobby Abreu was given the day off, if that means anything regarding the lack of offense. The Angels had a man on second base with nobody out in the first inning and in the second inning and failed to score. Like Jered Weaver two nights ago, Santana was just dead-arm flat, allowing 6 singles and a double, walking 2 and striking a mere 3 Atheltics batters.

Oh wait, i said "no analysis necessary" and here I am analyzing the damn thing. It was winnable until a hit-bunching 5th inning piled onto what was then a pitching duel between Ervy Von Voodoo and Trevor Cahill. Blah blah blah, what more do you want? There is a car alarm going off down the street and a barking dog - they are both more noticeable and annoying than this game. It just kinda went by like... Whoooosh... ooops, forgot the runs, left a few balls up for the Wimpletics to doink. Yeah. Bobby Wilson had a RBI for the Halos, celebrate!