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Joel Piñeiro Quiets Dodgers on Ozzy Osbourne Night

Return of the King <em>(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)</em>
Return of the King (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Final Score in Echo Park: Angels 10, Dodgers 1

Crazy, but that's how it goes... Former National Leaguer Joel Pineiro showed how a pitcher batting can be of assistance to an offense, getting on base and scoring three times without his bat putting a ball into play even once. Oh and then there was his performance on the mound, which was a superb complete game effort. Only a James Loney homerun... which cleared the 375-ft away RF wall by a millimeter... that was the only hit of the 5 he allowed that hurt him, and how much can it hurt a guy when Joe Torre replaces any human being, let alone Chad Billingsley, with George Sherrill, possibly making his last major league appearance after looking as terrible as a human being with an intact face and limbs can manage. Sherrill walked Bobby Abreu with the bases loaded, failing the lefty-lefty matchup for which he was called in.

With no DH, the Angels benched Juan Rivera and started Hideki Matsui in Left Field. He hit a bases-loaded double in the 5th inning to break a 1-1 tie. Torii Hunter followed suit an inning later with his own bases clearing double. Later on as the crowd thinned out, Howie Kendrick was about to do the same, but the ball went over the wall and there was only one runner on. He settled for 2 ribbys.

For some reason, the Dodgers had Ozzy Osbourne come onto the field and encourage the crowd to scream loud. I was there and it was loud. It broke the record for the loudest scream by a crowd. Guinness Book folks certified it. Many Angels fans were at the game, as was I, wearing my 2010 All Star cap, but others had the cojones to wear the red. If any of them were at the Anaheim snuggie night in April, hey, they broke two world records in one season. I just plugged my ears. speaking of records, it was the first time an Angels pitcher scored 3 runs in a major league game since Ken McBride did it for the then-DH-free Halos back in 1962.


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