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Juan Rivera Blast is a Dodger Killer

Final Score in Chinatown, Jake: Los Angeles Dodgers 2, Los Angeles Angels 4

It was Hideki Matsui's 36th birthday, but all he got for it was an intentional walk. Angels Left Fielder Juan Rivera hit a 2 run blast off of John Ely and it proved to be the difference. The Angels took the 2nd game of the interleague freeway series. Scott Kazmir got the Win. Brian Fuentes got the Save. Kevin Jepsen caused some consternation but got out of a bases-loaded jam he created all by himself. Torii Hunter and Howie Kendrick each had RBI doubles in the game.

In a touching moment in the game, Garret Anderson got a pinch-hit single for the Dodgers. it didn't hurt anyone so it is something we can all enjoy now. that and watching grumpy Steve Lyons make excuses on the Dodgers postgame show.

Kaz looked alright but when he pooped out late, he was too pooped to pop, but he was not pooped enough to not induce the pop-up. 5 Innings of 2 run ball with too many walks (4) but a K an inning was good enough for the Win against the National League's Brooklyn club.

The chance to break the game open arrived in the 5th inning with two Angels on, 1 out and one run already across. Torii Hunter swung at a 3-0 pitch and flew meekly to Right Field and Maicer Izturis ground out. Ely was on the ropes but the hot-hitting Halos could not finish him off. The next inning saw a Kaz implosion deliver the Dodgers runs on a Russel Martin RBI. Great of the club to hold on from that point, but more of a struggle than was necessary and all the good bullpen arms were expended in the effort.


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