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Road Warrior Angels Sweep Dodgers

... Coulda Shoulda Woulda ... <em>(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)</em>
... Coulda Shoulda Woulda ... (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Final Score in the Elysian Landgrab: Angels 6, Dodgers 5

In a battle of LA natives (the Angels) and psychic powered Bostonians (the Brooklyn Dodgers), Southern California's finest turned out to be the team that trusted in Dodger great Mike Scioscia. Hideki Matsui went 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run scored, Jered Weaver pitched into the 7th, but sketchy defensive placement by the Angels let the blue crew back into the game. Lousy relief pitching had taken a game off for the Halos but reappeared in force with Kevin Jepsen and Fernando Rodney deciding that a human performance art reenactment of toilet bowl cleaner swirling around on flushes could occur on the basepaths.

A late Mike Napoli HR turned out to be the difference, but the result in the win column was exactly the same as the two previous nights: just another road W.

After a first ever sweep of the Cardinals in their crumbling stadium on stolen land, the Dodgers were humiliated by their former tenants, the superior Los Angeles Angels of Ax-Kicking Anaheim. The Angels swept the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium for the first time in interleague history. Mike Scioscia thus retained his paisoano pwnage of Joe Torre. Remember him?

The Angels wrap up a 14-game Road Trip going 11-3. A big thanks to U2 for scheduling that concert at Anaheim Stadium just when the Halos needed to hop on a plane to get the juices flowing. Whether or not the streets had no name, the Angels won wherever they roamed.

Angels starters allowed 5 runs in 20 IP against the Dodgers. The Angels outscored the Dodgers 20-8 in the three game series. The Angels hit 4 HR in the series. The Dodgers had 2 solo shots. The teams face off again for three games in Anaheim beginning a week from Tuesday.